Tumbler toy—Swan spoon
Tumbler toy—Swan spoon
Tumbler toy—Swan spoon

Tumbler toy—Swan spoon

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The design of the tumbler structure

Don't worry about the spoon slipping in the soup pot.

Exquisite detail workmanship, excellent hand feeling

The curve and size are designed according to the human body structure, and the multi-angle operation is very comfortable during use

Swan-shaped minimalist design

An elegant swan spoon that is so popular that it can stand on the dining table. The elegant swan spoon is definitely a sight on the table.
The beautiful shape and appearance make children look like toys, which will significantly increase their appetite.

Food grade polypropylene polymer material

The spoon is heat-resistant to 200°C, and the tray is heat-resistant to 100°C. Keep away from fire, avoid baking, and do not put it in a microwave or oven. Do not boil for
disinfection, do not freeze, do not clean with decontamination powder, do not clean in a washing machine, do not clean with steel wire to avoid scratching the surface.


Spoon size:28.5cm*8.2cm
Base size:10cm*1.3cm
Material:Food grade polypropylene polymer 
colour:Black & white
Package contains:Spoon and tray