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After purchase, you will receive an email containing your reseller account within 12 hours.

This is a link to a tutorial on panel operation

We have different options for you to choose

50 points-125 $(2.50$/point)

100 points-225 $(2.25$/point)

200 points-400 $(2.00$/point)

500 points-900 $(1.80$/point)

1000 points-1500 $(1.50$/point)

Credit price
1 month account-1.5 credits
3month account -4 credits
6 month account -6 credits
12 month account -12 credits

You can decide your own price for the customer to become the lowest price of the dealer for

The credit limit will not expire, you can keep the credit limit until all are sold.


For more detailed information, you can check the dealer guide in advance.